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Types of Online Fraud

The term online fraud refers to all those schemes that use online services to perform fraudulent schemes. Without accessing tools for fraud prevention these online fraud activities can cost anything to the users. There are other various kinds of online frauds that include:

  • Stolen credit cards;
  • E-mails;
  • Lotteries;
  • Fake auctions
  • Untrustworthy Websites

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Credit Card Online Fraud

Credit Card online fraud is a very common problem in today's world. Some people do not bother much about it and for some people it is unavoidable because the con artist is able to gain the confidential credit card information via scam. To some extent the risk of online fraud can be reduced.

  • Do not ever allow the card out of your sight
  • Check your payment receipt every time and make sure the amount is correct
  • Try not to write the pin number anywhere and memorize it well
  • Get the card cancelled if misplaced in any case
  • Be careful while making big transactions
  • Be careful while responding to special offers online

E-mail Online Fraud

E-mail is an inexpensive way and popular method for distributing fraudulent messages, so we should never respond to mails that seek personal information or involves money issues. So to avoid e-mail fraud we can follow some steps:

  • Don't trust mails which say they are from bank
  • Don't trust links in e-mails, they might be fraud
  • Don't respond to mails asking for personal information
  • Don't trust any mails asking for help or charity purposes
  • Don't get trapped in greed factor