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Reasons Why To Buy Aftermarket Shock Absorbers

As with all products on the market today, cars are made at a certain price in order to compete in their target segment and get maximum profit for the manufacturer. When building the car, the manufacturer couldn't easily cut down on visible things like the interior, accessories, or wheels. What you will encounter are components that the owner doesn't normally check, such as pressed steel stamps or poor quality shock absorbers.

Particularly with mid and premium-priced vehicles, the components that are compromised are the internal engine components and the suspension components such as rear shock absorbers. Even for this segment, there is a fast-growing market, as shock absorbers, springs, and other chassis components are still in demand by owners who, for example, tune their cars for autocross or track. 

Difference between front and rear shocks, replacement and shock absorber prices

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Many people will claim their cars drive well, and so will newer cars. However, cars that frequently drive on rough roads are bound to experience more wear on their suspensions than cars that run on slippery roads. Here the difference between a good shock absorber for the secondary market and a poor quality shock absorber becomes clear. 

Even the new, but low-quality shock absorbers suffer more quickly than the high-performance ones. Due to the constant up and down motion of the shock absorber, the oil in the shock absorber heats up as it reduces suspension movement. Moderate shock absorbers have oil that loses viscosity from heat and even foam inside the shock absorber. 

Research has shown that in this case, up to 35% of the shock performance deteriorates. Aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured to higher standards such as aluminum housing, nitrogen pressure, and higher quality oil to minimize this fading. Many aftermarket shock absorbers offer compression and rebound shock absorbers so that vehicle control can be fine-tuned by the owner.