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Trending Ecommerce Development Platforms

In today's era, even if you don't possess great technical knowledge in writing codes, then also you can manage online shops using feature-rich eCommerce website development platforms that are available in the market. To know about eCommerce website development in Toronto you can navigate to

eCommerce development

Ecommerce development platforms mainly focus to take the full benefit of mobile and social eCommerce trends. Here is a listing of  two eCommerce development platforms which are currently gaining immense popularity in today's business marketplace:

1. Magento

Magento isn't really an unknown name in the eCommerce industry sector with the web developers Magento has also become popular since the time of its creation. Because of its scalability together with reliability, the majority of the professional Magento programmers are still rooting on this web development platform. 

Below are some benefits of Magento web development platform:

1. It's an Open Source platform. This platform is open to any type of customization.

2. It is not only easy-to-use but simple to manage.

3. It delivers a superb user experience.

4. It provides almost 9000 plugins or extensions which it is easy to scale your business.

2. Shopify

According to the market trend, Shopify is possibly the ideal eCommerce development platform. It focuses more on mobile shopping along with social eCommerce. This development platform is successfully hosting almost 325,000 online stores which are not just inactive status but conducting business fruitfully 

Here are some of the Shopify features mentioned below.

1. More than 100 store templates are readily available.

2. It gives the feature to connect e-store with your Facebook page. You may sell your products entirely on Facebook.

3. To raise the functionalities of the store, more than 1500 plugins or extensions are available.

4. 24X7 support is available via tutorials, live chat as well as via a telephone.

So, these two are the best eCommerce development platforms that are successfully ruling in today's business market.