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Differences Between Dedicated Servers And Shared Hosting

Many start-up businesses usually go for shared hosting for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is because of the cost. With a limited budget, shared hosting is usually the best starting point for many people. 

This makes shared hosting unreliable as it can lead to longer loading of web pages, among other disadvantages. It is at this time that an upgrade becomes a necessity and one of the most common sites is the use of a dedicated server. To get more information regarding the dedicated servers, you can visit

Dedicated Servers

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There are several distinct features between these two most common web hosting solutions. 

Common vs. Personal IP Address: All websites hosted on a shared server have the same IP address. Even though each website has a personal and separate domain name, common IP addresses are considered to cause some website trouble with search engines. On the other hand, dedicated servers come with a unique IP address. Only hosted websites are known by IP address.

Customization of the Server: Different website owners have different requirements. Some may want to install applications on their servers or generally increase the performance of their servers. Dedicated servers allow one to improve server memory, upgrade processors as well as disk space.

Cost: The price of services is always in the search and selection of different goods and services. Shared hosting is the cheapest way to host your website. The reason for this is that the cost is evenly distributed. On the other hand, dedicated servers are much more expensive and I cannot appeal to webmasters working on a limited budget.