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Effects Of Thumb-sucking on Kids Dental Health

Prolonged thumb sucking as well as the use of pacifiers can negatively impact your baby's smile over time. Often, babies, toddlers, and young children resort to thumb sucking as a way to calm themselves or soothe anxiety. While the use of pacifier and thumb sucking does have their benefits, but they can be harmful to your child's dental health if this habit is excessive and continues the toddler stage. You can also browse to nipit to stop your child’s thumb-sucking habit.

Thumb sucking is just a habit that your child has developed. This is a common problem that many children face and parents struggle as their children grow up. To stop your child is similar to breaking any other bad habit and requires perseverance and careful monitoring. Here are some suggestions that may help:

Try to limit the time your children are allowed to suck their thumbs or use pacifiers. This can only be a simple restriction on a child. By applying these limits carefully, you can help your child overcome the habit.

Offer an option when your child is worried. This can be a soft blanket or a plush toy that they can hold and padded to soothe themselves.

Help your child become more self-aware. Many times, children do not pay attention even when they are sucking their thumbs. By mentioning this, they will gradually become more aware of the time that they do.

Praise your child for making progress. If you feel that your child is not sucking his thumb when he usually is, tell him what a good job he is doing!