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Basic Mechanical Methods for Connecting Steel Pipes

To safely connect pipes in a safe sealing installation. High tolerance processing on high-quality CNC machines enables consistent production of all components. With the help of stainless steel fittings, gall problems are solved by using a silver lining. You can contact for stainless steel pipe fittings at for installation.

Extended equipment – Where the end of the pipe is ignited with a tool and then contained in bushings, nuts, and housing.

Individual connections – Where the pipe ends are arranged in connection with the compression ring, housing, and nuts.

Dual ferrule connections – Pipe ends are arranged in connection with two separate compression rings, body and nut. (Also known as a double arm screw connection, this is not always true because the two rings have different shapes and lengths.)

The double ferrule steel pipes can be locked by the "double bite" function of the pipe. Each ring bites into the tube and creates two separate sealing zones. This type of installation is done without torque being sent or twisted pipe to ensure that the pipe is not "loaded". 

Because of this, the mechanical properties of the pipe are maintained. An additional sealing point is located at the bottom of the pipe seal. The bracket has the angle at which the tube is formed when the ring bites and moves the tube forward.