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Tag: safety advisors

Selecting a Health and Safety Consultant

Many small businesses have reached a growth point where the need for health and safety advice is critical. The reasons are different – maybe the company reaches a certain tipping point that creates legal requirements, the owner or manager is running out of time due to the general growth of the company, or simply because health and safety issues become more complex as the company grows. 

Also, large companies require more detailed safety management systems from the smallest of suppliers to minimize their own liability under their contractor screening programs. You can get complete info from safety consultants via for your health safety measures.

Companies with 5 employees must start a documented risk assessment and require health and safety guidelines. But even without a law, most companies reach the point where they accept the need for professional security advice. 

Now that moment can come easily when security documents are required, or years later when companies grow and security requirements become more complex than management realized. As we travel around the world, we come across different laws, different levels of professionalism, and different qualifications related to health and safety. 

For small businesses trying to find their first health and safety advisor, using the wrong advisor can be a costly mistake. How did you make the decisions for the first time?

The law is part of the reason you are looking for a safety specialist, but any agency can cite the law – a good safety advisor will walk you through a number of reasons including the law.