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Planning Live Music For A Wedding Party In London

You're getting married – congratulations! – And plans for the wedding are already beginning to fall into place. The date and the venue for the celebration are now fixed, and an ever-growing list of other essentials is being dealt with, piece by piece. 

For the evening reception, you would like to include live music as a focal point to make the party swing. Your personal musical tastes may have pointed you towards a specific style of music, but a few details still need to be considered. Click here to get more information regarding live music in London.

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How Big A Band Will Be Required?

The personnel of the band depends to an extent on the style of music you choose for your live entertainment. For example, a typical pop covers band will usually be a 3-5 piece, but many bands can augment with a horn section and/or backing singers. 

How Large Is The Venue?

It is useful to revisit the venue in order to critically appraise its facility for live music performance. What kind of stage (if any) is available? Is there sufficient lighting, and a suitable dance-floor, if needed? 

Does the venue impose any limitations of time regarding live music? Is there a noise-limiter? Is the wedding breakfast to be served in the same room as the evening party? If so, will the band have sufficient space (and time) to set up their equipment prior to the performance? Bear all this in mind when deciding upon how large a band will be appropriate.