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Tag: luxury lingeries

Buy Women Panties For Perfect Look

Gone are the days when buying underwear was a formality, but today women are picky about every type of clothing they buy and wear. There are different types of women’s sheer underwear depending on the different types of clothing. 

The various types of underwear available online are:

1. Pants

Panties of this type move up and back and cover almost to the waist just below the navel. However, there are several varieties on the site. The classic cut is below the hips and has a conservative character. 

2. Hipster

Hipster is the same as panties. They have a lower waist that mostly covers the thighs. That's why they are called hipsters.

3. Bikini

They are very stylish in look and feel. It is worn around the hips and has narrow fabric on the sides. Here the thighs are more exposed than the panties and held in place with straps instead of handkerchiefs.

4. flip flops

Thongs are minimal to medium in shape, cover the thighs completely and consist of a narrow belt at the sides. They differ in form from brand to brand. They are comfortable because they cover the front and back with narrow rubber bands.

5. Loops

They are similar to a thong, but do not completely cover the back. It is most widely displayed and worn by various celebrities and high-class women to show off their style.