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Tag: lower back physical therapy

Physical Therapy Treatment For Chronic Low Back Pain

Pain affecting the lower back characterizes a common condition known as low back pain. Lower back pain usually goes away after a few days or weeks. You have acute lower back pain if you have had pain for less than six weeks. However, if the pain lasts more than twelve weeks, you have a chronic condition.

Physical therapy treatment for chronic low back pain begins with educating the patient about proper movement and posture. You can also consult a therapist for lower back physical cure.

Some physical therapists use therapeutic methods that apply heat, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound to the affected area.

Physical therapy treatment for chronic low back pain includes specific exercises to increase flexibility and strengthen the back muscles, especially those that support the spine.

Physical therapy treatments for chronic low back pain can include one or a combination of these exercises: low-impact aerobics, swimming, cycling, walking, weight training for lumbar spine lengthening, and regular range of motion exercises, contractions that check the back muscles, and yoga, tai chi, or a Pilates exercise program.

According to several studies, the above exercises are one of the effective ways to treat chronic low back pain. Again, theories and approaches to the best treatment vary, but exercise and physical therapy, practiced with consistency and professional guidance, are sure to play an important role.