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All About Laminate Sheet For Countertops

Laminated plastics are available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles at most hardware and hardware stores, and have many uses such as tabletop, countertops and flooring. 

Laminated plastic sheets are available in matte and glossy finishes so you have options when setting up projects. To know more information regarding laminate sheets for wood you can visit .

laminate sheet for wood

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Laminated plastics consist of layers of paper into which resin is injected and bonded under high pressure and temperature to form a tough sheet. 

When Preparing Surfaces – 1/16 " thick laminated plastic sheets are usually recommended when working flat surfaces. 1/32" thick sheets should be used on vertical surfaces. 

Thoroughly clean the surface where you want to apply the plastic laminate and remove any paint, varnish, dirt, or bumps on the surface. Although many tables are manufactured using high density particleboard for the surface, fine particleboard or plywood may be a more ideal substrate for plastic lamination.

When cutting laminated plastic, you can use a circular saw, sword, or knife to cut the plastic laminate. If you plan to use a saw, make sure the saw blade is a good tooth. 

Using tape along the cutting lines will help prevent damage and make the lines more visible as you cut. If you are using a chainsaw or table saw, cut the back of the laminate so it doesn't break.