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The iPad and the Future of Home Fashion

The value of the iPad cannot be underestimated. About 15 years ago Microsoft CEO Bill Gates discussed in an interview with PBS about the future of computers, the Internet and the possible shutdown of computers as we understood them at the time. 

Imagine a company that sells wholesale products to interior designers and home fashion retailers. For example, suppose you have 30 merchants (street warriors) who each pull about a thousand 8 "x 10" glossy photos of their line that weigh over 25 pounds. Buying iPads in Bulk for Schools Is A Need and you have to shop for it from a reliable store. 

Apple has an iPad gesture dilemma - The Verge

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Each set costs approximately $ 1.50 per photo ($ 1500). The fee for shipping a set is $ 45.00 for standard overnight shipping. The production time for one set is roughly three days for printing 8 hours per day on conventional color inkjet printers on glossy paper.

Sign in to iPad. Now think about the implications of this change. It's engraved on the cup of this incredible game-changing device. Instead of printing conventional ink on paper, the company uploads 1,000 of its images to the iPad as PDF files in less than a minute. 

Let me repeat that what took 24 hours to print was completed in less than 60 seconds! Price: A $ 500 16 gigabyte iPad (one-third the price of this printed photo set) and compressed files take up almost no available memory. Weight: 1.5kg. "Time to Market" is a key component in gaining a competitive advantage. With this device, customers can receive a new product within minutes of the new version.