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Tips For Business Cards, Work Of Art To Be Remembered

In today's online world of friends, customers, and followers, your offline personal brand could easily be overlooked. Business cards have also stood the test of time thanks to the electronic revolution.

The purpose of a business card is to make the person remember you. Weeks after that great seminar and everyone is browsing to get in touch with people, do you want them to take you into account? The person with the paper calling cards, like everyone else, may not be. However, you will. You will be the guy who had the big card that will actually be saved. If you want buy high quality metal business cards visit Pure Metal Cards.

There are several types of calling cards that you can use that will certainly help build that individual brand. Steel foil cards are a distinct and inexpensive way to add some sparkle to your card. Augmented or letterpress printing is another popular method that varies somewhat from routine issued cards. The problem is that they are quite common, still on paper and possibly also of the same density as the flashing card.

One strategy you may not be familiar with is laser engraving. Think of it this way, when you traditionally print something, you are adding ink to the paper. Laser engraving is the opposite. What is "printed" is actually burned away from the card with a laser that reveals a different depth, texture, and sometimes even color depending on the material. The point where the laser touches the surface is called the "focal point" and is where the heat is most intense.

This focal point is less than one millimeter in dimension and equates to approximately 1/200 "in true reduction accuracy. Another intriguing thing about this process is that it does not involve ink, blades, or cutting bits that need to be replaced. ensures that every card has a consistent appearance and superior quality.