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Tag: first aid at work training

Factors Associated With First Aid Training In the Workplace

If you are an entrepreneur, you are required by law to offer first aid training to your employees. Although there may not be rules for the level of training, basic first aid training course is still very important.

Four main factors are considered in first aid training in the workplace.

• First aid: As an employer, you must display notifications throughout the construction site informing the employee about first aid, his name, and where he is. The first trained assistant must be responsible, competent, solid, and ready to leave his desk in an emergency.

All first aid workers in the workplace must be trained by a recognized organization and have a certificate of completion. Additional on-the-job training must be offered to take account of specific problems at that location.

• First aid kit: First aid kit must be checked regularly. Out-of-date items must be discarded and replaced. An employee must be responsible for this and keep a list. The first assistant must have affordable first aid kit.

• First aid room: In companies with a higher risk of accidents, e.g. in the chemical plant, first aid room is needed. The first aid room should be large enough to accommodate the sofa and sink with running water. It must have a clean surface and good lighting and ventilation.

• First aid kit: Other than first aid kits, certain devices must be stored in the first aid kit. Stethoscopes, oxygen bottles, defibrillators, sharp disposable containers, etc. The device is needed in an emergency.