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A Comprehensive Guide To Laser Cutting Technology

We utilize many variations of cutting processes in various industries. Laser cutting isn't an exception. It's widely used for different applications like metal, nonmetal, ceramic, or so.

A technology that we looked up to as a traditional kind of cutting has its strategies and processes that offer a whole new selection of possibilities for industrial uses. These crystals are further used in crystal awards and trophies.

Besides, manufacturers such as Precitec Laser Parts and Prima Laser Parts leave no rock unturned, making sure different lasers like Gas lasers, Crystal lasers, and Fiber lasers make the cutting swift and quick. To help you understand it better, we've listed down different methods and types of lasers.

Gas laser cutting is also called CO2 cutting. It uses an electric simulating, i.e., carbon dioxide mixture for cutting.

The gas laser cutting has its origins dating back to 1964. Back then, the laser wasn't powerful enough to cut metal. Though it's now, the nonmetals stay the specialty. The laser has a wavelength of 10.6 and is commonly utilized in medical and industrial sections.

For cutting metals like aluminum and steel, it utilizes nitrogen. Given the consequences, it's sensible to take precautionary measures and make certain that nitrogen is pure. If it's not, the alloy may oxidize.

The downside of using a crystal laser cutting process is it is made from expensive pump diodes. Up to this, they have a shorter life expectancy than other lasers available on the market. The service life is about 8000-15000 hours. With time, the need to replace pump diodes or other components can only cost you more.