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Tag: bathroom renovation

Bathroom Tiling – Things to Consider

If you are thinking about having your bathroom tiled or retiled following will give some pointers to help you make the project complete easily and avoid the pitfalls that can turn into a nightmare. All the time spent planning your tiling project will save money and headaches.

You must plan your bathroom-tiling project very carefully. If you use professional bathroom tilers in Perththey will help you choose the tile design and tile patterns.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles and patterns:

The wealth of tiles available means that your conceptual designs are potentially unlimited. The tiling designer will, however, have to keep hold of the reins as they know from experience that you can get carried away and end up with a design that cannot possibly fit the room it is intended for.

The first step is to choose a design pattern, without deciding you can not start planning your bathroom tile installation. Try to do some research before you approach a professional. There are many resources on the internet where you can find an example of a design pattern.

It is better to approach the designers with the idea in mind of what you are trying to achieve. Google Images has a large database of bathroom designs for you to trawl through. If you are looking for in the catalogue of tile please make sure that you focus on non-porous ceramic tiles. Porous tiles will not suit a bathroom project, for obvious reasons.