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The Eames RAR And The Barcelona Chair Are Classic Designer Furniture

Charles Eames RAR or "Rocking Armchair Rod" became the first-ever production by American designer Charles Eames and his wife. Production introduced in 1950 has been discontinued for nearly 30 years. 

However, as demand has increased, it has been pulled back. This creation shows Eames' interest in making modern furniture with an organic touch. They use common materials to create unique and comfortable furniture and this is the pair's only rocking chair. You can look at the best Barcelona chair model over the internet.

Eames replica table

The rocking chair replica by Eames remains true to the original; Reproduction is carried out with ecological materials. Not only does it look authentic, but the seats also feel comfortable because the base has an authentic style. It is universally applicable and therefore can be used in the children's room, in the family or in the living room. It has an organic look with elegant lines. 

This monolithic seat without upholstery has been widely present, which shows that a good design has a bearing capacity. To provide comfort, the chair is equipped with a seat, flexible backrest, and an inner pocket. Sitting for long periods of time does not cause discomfort. 

Today it is available in a variety of colours, unlike when it was made. Initially, there were only 3 colours, elephant grey skin, parchment and beige.