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Replacing Sliding Doors With French Doors

Typically heading out into the patio or garden, French or sliding doors allow lots of sunshine while providing you with a personal opinion and accessibility to the outside. Sliding glass doors are just designed and execute the basic purposes but can be regarded as commonplace and obsolete. A set of French doors opens completely into the outside and adds elegance and charm into a room.

1. Take measurements of your older doorways and buy your nearest and dearest.

It's a great idea to buy them until you start any work to eliminate your present doors, as you might need to wait a few weeks or even more for them to arrive. To be able to buy the ideal dimensions of replacement doors, you'll have to assess the width and height of your present sliding doors. If you want to replace your doors in Scottsdale then you can visit

Replacing Sliding Doors With French Doors

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French doors come in regular sizes, so if you take your dimensions to some respectable lumber yard or home improvement store, they ought to have the ability to order the proper size of a pair of pre-hung doors. If uncertain, you might remove the trim from the exterior to acquire the dimensions for the door opening, without removing the door. It's ideal to opt for a door with measurements per quarter inch smaller on each side compared to the opening.

2. Pry the present trim and moldings lose using a hammer. The monitor and the remaining sliding door unit is going to be exposed. Unscrew the claws on the side jambs, the upper header, and also the base track that fasten the door panels set up. Pull the panel away from the monitor and eliminate it, followed by the sliding board. You might want to pry the door out of the side jamb if it's stuck.

3. Eliminate the remaining sliding door unit.

The side jambs tend to need more work to eliminate, and you have to take care to not damage the wall enclosing the doorway frame.

4. Put the French doors at the opening and check the match.

Don't eliminate any straps or clips which hold your new doorways coordinated and shut. Center the door in the opening and place it into position. With a flat, check whether the doorway unit is and plumb. You might want to have a buddy that will assist you to maintain the door in place as you use shims to correct the fit of the doorway. Begin with the upper and bottom corners then behind the hinges, so ensuring to check for levelness after every shim.