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Quality Of Blue Gemstone Sapphire

Corundum of all colors except red, namely ruby, is known as a sapphire. The color of the most coveted blue gemstone is due to the presence of iron and titanium. 

Low iron content produces yellow and green colors, while pink creates the chrome and orange presence of iron and vanadium. Several famous sapphires have attained great world status, namely the St. sapphire. 

The Latin word sapphire means blue, which helps to increase mental clarity and heal the mind. The list of blue gemstones according to the ancient Persians was placed on a unique pedestal because they believed that the earth was situated on a large sapphire with a blue sky which is created a sapphire reflection. 

Many kings in history worn sapphire jewelry as they believe it protects them from battle damage and gemstones are an antidote to the effects of poison. People invest in sapphire jewelry because it is considered a symbol of loyalty and truth. 

Wearing a gemstone means showing devotion and loyalty in an expression of love, and according to legend, the stone is a sign of loyalty and the sapphire does not shine if the wearer is wrong.

Like rubies, sapphires are hard which makes them ideal for everyday wear. Because of the beautiful color and hardness of the stones, they are sometimes cut into sheets and used as faceplates for expensive designer watches.